Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Systems

SPANCO Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Solutions are revolutionizing the fall protection industry, offering the widest selection of systems on the market today.  SPANCO Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Systems protect your workers from injury due to falls by utilizing a unique enclosed track, requiring no maintenance and superior performance indoors or outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.   Available in three styles of track (plain, trussed, or dual trussed) and varying weight models, SPANCO Rigid Lifelines can provide the best solution for your fall protection needs.

With a SPANCO Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection System, you can:

-Reduce the stress and fatigue of operators with SPANCO Rigid Lifeline’s low coefficient of friction, allowing for easy movement of trolleys and cranes

-Allow two workers to pass by each other without detachment or interference

-Save up to 3 feet of headroom versus wire systems

-Provide greater distance between support points with SPANCO Rigid Lifeline’s unique truss track fall design

-More operator movement, preventing lanyard twisting

-Can have up to 8 or more men on one track depending on distribution and spacing

-SPANCO Rigid Lifelines’ products can always be customized to fit your individual needs.